Baked Chips

Yesterday I went to this café called MudSpot with some friends.

One of my friends, Hunter, mentioned that MudSpot is one of his favorite places in NYC. For anyone curious, he thinks they have the best chai latte in the city.

We ordered some chips and guacamole for the table and were absolutely blown away by how good it was. The chips were baked in-house giving them the perfect amount of crispiness.

While having our snack, I mentioned to Hunter and Jimmy how small details like in-house baked chips make a difference in the experience.

For the most part, people have preconceived notions of what an experience will be. When a product or service is able to surprise and delight a user it makes for a memorable experience.

It’s important to mention, surprise and delight is not only limited to business experiences through products and services but is also applicable to personal experiences.

In my case, I know I’ll definitely be going back to MudSpot again. Maybe it’ll surprise the new group of friends I go with too!

When was the last time you were delighted?

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