Energy management

It’s 4 PM on a Thursday, you’re exhausted from a full day of back to back meetings but you can’t avoid a call at 4:15 PM. How do you muster the energy to provide your undivided attention?

Many people think they lack the ability to manage time. Every time someone asks me how can they get better I often tell them, it’s not a time problem, it’s a work problem.

When people find themselves doing work they enjoy they rarely want to stop. Think about a teenager playing video games, a musician writing a song, or an athlete playing a sport.

Productivity isn’t just for the artists and athletes of the world.

It’s for everyone.

The key is energy management.

Track your emotions throughout the day. What activities make you feel alive? Which ones drain you of energy?

How can you design a life with things that energize you?

Forget all of the extraneous things:

  • “I can’t leave this job because it hasn’t been 2 years yet.”
  • “My environment is not inducive to getting work done.”
  • “My lease doesn’t end, so I can’t move yet.”

When we truly want something, we manage to find a way.

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