Imagine a world where you’re not afraid. Instead, you feel empowered to do the things you want.

Why isn’t this your default world?

I’ve found that uncertainty causes a great deal of fear in me.

When I’m uncertain of the future, I become fearful of making the wrong decision. This is primarily because I don’t know where the action will lead me.

To fight fear, I’ve learned to have a more optimistically determinate view of the future.

The following statements, when rephrased, show fearlessness:

  • I want to start a business. » I’m going to find a way for people to share cars and get paid for it.
  • I don’t have enough money. » I have $x and need to make $y to pay for my bills.
  • Dating is hard. » I need to get in better shape, have some drive, and go to events where it’s easy for me to meet people.

Once one is clear on what she wants, fear disappears.

I find most fear comes from feeling like you’re a victim of some external thing. In any circumstance, we can choose to be heroes instead of victims.

We become heroes by taking responsibility and action towards the things in our control.

The difference between a hero and a victim is a mindset.

How can you become the hero in your life?

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