Making things

Making things is unnatural.

It takes a herculean effort to think about all the things that can go wrong before something can go right. 

Think about it, all it takes is one wrong calculation for a bridge to fall down. 

Now, let’s add an additional layer of complexity…making something no one asked for.  

Most artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs struggle with getting people to appreciate their creations. 

Interestingly, people love talking about how they care about the “little guy” but are unwilling to take a risk on something that’s unproven. 

I don’t blame them. I’m guilty of it too sometimes.

It goes against human nature to take a chance on something. 

Next time a friend asks you to go to their open-mic night, listen to their music, look at a piece of art they made, or listen to their pitch for a new business.

Make time for them.

It’s hard enough to make things, why make it harder by not caring about those who attempt to do it anyway? 

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