Writing is thinking

Writing a post everyday has helped me become a better thinker.

Writing is much harder than speaking because there needs to be a logical flow from one statement or idea to the next.

When speaking one only needs to provide enough context for the other person to piece together a narrative. Often the narrative a listener creates is inconsistent with what’s being said.

Communication is incredibly difficult and most of it happens non-verbally. I find I’m much more inclined to pay attention and retain information when the person speaking has clarity in thought.

The ability to break down and communicate a complex idea is a superpower. Although being a domain expert is an advantage, it’s not entirely necessary for efficient communication.

Clarity of thought also shows in non-verbal cues as it gives confidence to the speaker. Surprisingly, non-verbal cues like posture, hand gestures, and facial expressions are more communicative than what’s actually being said.

To communicate better:

  • Have conviction in what’s being said
  • Try to create a logical flow of statements before speaking
  • Focus on your posture, hand gestures, and facial expressions
  • Use stories when possible to evoke emotion

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