Unlearning social norms

Unlearning social norms early in life is dangerous.

For example, realizing that you don’t need college to be successful as a freshman. Now that you’ve learned a secret that seemingly everyone around you is ignoring, what do you do?

This happened to me, not too long ago.

All my life I was told that becoming a doctor or an engineer was the only way to success by the people around me. During my freshman year, I found out that it wasn’t true.

Success isn’t defined by profession, it’s defined by passion.

When unlearning social norms it’s important to find a community of people who’ve come to similar realizations. Otherwise, it’s unlikely that you’ll act on the insight.

At most universities, an entrepreneurship society signifies this.

If you’re not on a university campus, go look for online groups of young hustlers and get to know them.

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