Marketing vs reality

Most commercials are inaccurate representations of products or experiences.

Let’s take a look at some examples:

  • The difference between a fry on TV and at McDonald’s
  • Is anyone really that happy going to a Sandal’s resort?
  • Who actually wants to cruise like a Norwegian?
  • Does putting on Axe actually help teenage boys get girls?
  • Who smiles when thinking about Humana?

These brands are selling consumers on an aspirational product or feeling. No wonder so many people are unhappy. The standards these commercials portray are borderline unrealistic.

Would products sell without a marketing story?

I haven’t really seen a world without commercials, so I don’t know.

I steer away from brands and aspirational buying as much as possible but many of the effects are sub-conscious. It’s likely that the commercials I watched as a child are still effecting my buying decisions.

The effects of commercials are insidious on our purchasing behaviors. I question why I’m buying a product or service to make sure there’s little to no marketing influence on me.

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