The switch

As you age, you gradually go from not knowing how anything works to slowly building a sense of what’s going on.

When I was younger I used to find everything around me magical.

At first, I didn’t even think of questioning things. I’d just consume using the tools given to me. Eventually, I started to ask questions:

  • How do computers work?
  • How do phones work?
  • How do people make food?
  • Why does food taste so good?
  • You get the idea…

When you grow older and start to figure it out the magic fades. A basic understanding of supply chains, transistors, and chemical mixtures gives you insight into how things are made.

Add an understanding of psychology/economics and now a new layer is unlocked. I wonder about all the layers that are unknown to me. Like music creation, art creation, rock climbing, and biomedical engineering.

Life feels too short, there’s so much to learn and appreciate.

What would you learn if you had more time?

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