Mindset & action—a feedback loop

When are you more likely to go to the gym?

  1. You feel energized and have a positive outlook of the world
  2. You feel like the world is against you and hate everything

Recently, I’ve started to observe the effects of mindset on my actions. I define mindset as general outlook. It encapsulates a set of beliefs leading to certain types of actions.

Optimism and pessimism are example mindsets that most know of.

When taking an action become aware of the state you’re in.

  • Are you making a decision based on fear?
  • What’s the root of your anxiety?

Training yourself to become aware of your mindset will help you make better decisions. A general rule of thumb is to avoid decision making in emotionally altered states.

Although emotions tell you about your feelings in a given situation, they can also blind you to key information.

Be aware of what you’re thinking, it affects how you act.

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