Chasing dreams

Not everyone has the ability to chase dreams.

Having the ability to chase a dream is a privilege that most people, including myself, take for granted. So many things had to go right for me to have a mindset that drives me towards something bigger than myself.

One of the questions that I have the hardest time answering is, “why are you so driven to do the things you want?”

This question usually stops me dead in my tracks.

This happens because, often, the person asking either doesn’t feel the same way about something in their life or never had the opportunity to.

Granted, not everyone is handed an opportunity to chase dreams.

Sometimes we have to create the opportunities ourselves.

In my case, I’ve made it a mission to find opportunities where there are none.

When I was young, my dad used to tell me stories about how he made it in America. The struggle he went through. The odd jobs he worked. I’m reminded of those stories when I feel like there’s no hope. They give me the motivation to keep moving forward.

I’m immensely grateful for my parents and the sacrifices they made my sisters and I.

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