Determined to win

I watched the documentary Le Ride today.

It’s a documentary film that recreates the 1928 Tour De France where a team of 4 New Zealanders completes a 3,000+ mi. race around France in a steel frame bike with no gears. On some days the team rode 20,000 ft+ in elevation as they crossed two mountain ranges en route.

Phil Keoghan, host of the Amazing Race, decided to retrace the original route of the New Zealand team that competed in 1928. They also used the same equipment for the ride.

Despite the many difficulties of retracing the original route, they did it. They rode 3,000+ miles around France in 28 days. Under similar conditions to the team in 1928.

What continues to amaze me is the determination of Phil Keoghan to tell the story of this forgotten New Zealand team. So much so that he actually retraced their steps.

I don’t think Phil ever imagined the documentary to become popular. He just made it because he wanted it to exist and felt driven to tell the story of Harry Watson and the team. I admire that.

The documentary was remarkable, I highly recommend it!

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