Fail early, fail often

The likelihood you’ll ‘make it’ increases with every attempt.

If you’re improving.

The key is to observe where you went wrong and to have enough courage to course correct. I find that learning mostly occurs in unstructured environments when I’m unconscious about it.

The hard part about constant failure is that it doesn’t externally look good.

Telling others about a ‘failed’ attempt comes at the cost of social ridicule. Whether it’s the fall out from trying to start a company that wasn’t a ‘success’ or hitting the concrete because of bad form in basketball, both look bad to others in the moment.

As easy as it is to say, it’s difficult to not let others influence you.

Remind yourself, it’s the attempt that matters. Picking yourself up after failed attempts builds resiliency. Depending on how long you stick to something, it can also be a sign of grit.

If there’s anything I wish people did more of, it’s ‘failing.’

I don’t mean ‘failure’ in a negative sense. I find failure synonymous with trying more things that make one uncomfortable.

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