Losing ambition

Have you ever noticed someone lose ambition?

While conversing with my sisters, the other day, they mentioned to me that a lot of their peers gave up on good grades after algebra 2. One even said, “Only freshman aim for schools like Stanford and Princeton, I’ll be lucky if I get into a state school.”

I then went on to ask my sisters how they felt about this. They told me, “It’s a shame that our friends have lost hope because it’s really not that hard. You just have to put in the work.”

I told them to, “set a bar of excellence for their friends through their actions. It’s possible. Sometimes people become demotivated and it’s our job to try and help them get over that hump.”

At an early age, having a good model can be very helpful. It can be someone who you can look up to that comes from the same background as you but has managed to succeed in their domain.

I’ve seen too many of my peers settle by giving up on their dreams too early. As cliché as it sounds, don’t give up.

Keep pushing!

There are people who believe in you.

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