Airport pickup

Nothing compares to the feeling of picking up a friend or family member after a long plane ride at the airport.

Today, I got to experience that feeling as I picked up my friend Chris. He had just returned from spending a month in Vietnam. It was a treat to see him and to listen to his stories on the ride home.

When you see someone every day, it’s hard to notice how much they’ve grown. It’s much more noticeable after time apart.

Travel is often romanticized. Although it can be eye-opening and perspective-shifting, it’s not always apparent.

I find myself changed in ways I can’t describe after traveling.

When I saw Chris, I asked him, how have you changed?

Instead of directly answering, he told me stories about his most memorable experiences from the trip.

The change was apparent in the detailed descriptions of the people he met and the things he experienced. It’s unlikely that Chris grasps how different he is after the trip but to an outside observer, it’s obvious.

When was the last time you picked someone up from the airport?

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