Boundless creativity

Making things is hard.

Almost everything you see, use, and experience is made by someone. It did’t just magically appear. In fact, more often than not, it’s more than one person.

I never understood why they emphasized creativity so much in school. Unfortunately, institutional schooling has done more to stifle creativity than it has to expand it.

Today, I was working on creating a logo for a project and struggled for a few hours. First off, I didn’t know how to use the design tools that were necessary to make a digital logo. Secondly, I didn’t know what I wanted to make or how I should think about it.

After watching a few tutorials on how to use Figma, a relatively easy design tool to learn, I started watching some videos on the design process.

In the end, I sent some really bad work to a friend who’s actually designed logos in the past. He ended up suggesting something that I really liked and decided to go with. It goes to show that ideas can come from anywhere.

However, the effort I made wasn’t entirely worthless. I needed to spend the time thinking deeply about the emotion I wanted the logo to evoke. When I showed him what I had done and the direction I wanted to go, he was quickly able to think of something.

Or maybe, that’s just what I told myself to justify ‘wasting’ 4 hours.

Here’s a sneak peek: ℤenAdvisor

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