Constructive feedback

When you pitch a new idea to someone, often, their first instinct is to tell you all the reasons that it won’t work.

I like to think most people are well-intentioned and see poking holes in other’s ideas as being helpful. In reality, more often than not it’s more harmful than helpful.

It takes countless hours, blood, sweat, and tears to make something production worthy. No matter how bad the quality may be of the work that’s in front of you.

As a founder, I find it way more helpful when someone takes the time to tell me where I went wrong and the directions I can go in to improve on the work I’ve done.

Sometimes, the person may recommend abandoning the work altogether which is fine as long as they suggest a path to a viable alternative.

When presented with a new idea, what’s your first instinct?

How can it be more constructive?

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